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Stijn de Bats
Stijn de Bats Managing Partner
Your Dedicated Expert in Food Production. Stijn de Bats is a veteran in the food industry, boasting over 25 years of international experience.

Introducing Stijn de Bats

Your Dedicated Expert in Food Production
Educated in Food Technology at the renowned Wageningen University, Stijn de Bats is a veteran in the food industry, boasting over 25 years of international experience. He has honed his skills in a broad range of areas, from food processing and packaging technology to raw materials, ingredients, and capex, with a particular love for plant-based and dairy products. It's this passion that drives his ambition to reshape the food industry landscape.

Stijn's Core Toolbox is diverse and dynamic. 
He has mastered the intricate art of sustainable food production, ensuring processes are not just efficient but also kind to our environment. His proficiency in packaging technology has led him to create innovative and functional packaging solutions that balance aesthetics and practicality. Furthermore, Stijn has a talent for new product development, conjuring creative and market-ready food products that resonate with consumers.

Stijn's Personal USPs are just as impressive.
He adopts a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, navigating complex challenges to find practical and effective solutions. Known as a 'Linking Pin', he excels at building strong partnerships, connecting stakeholders to foster collaboration. His persuasive communication skills enable him to influence others, driving positive change in every project he undertakes.

Stijn is characteristically tenacious - his determination and persistence are unwavering. No matter the goal, Stijn demonstrates an unrelenting commitment to achieving success.

PS: Ready to experience the future of food production? Reach out to Stijn today. He's always eager to explore the transformative possibilities that await your business.

Stijn de Bats

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