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We are Cibus Nexum,

and we are on a mission !

Being Europe's sole independent service provider, 

we are committed to enhanced food production chains, 

by facilitating enduring solutions and collaborations.

At Cibus Nexum, we're reshaping the food production landscape. It's all about connecting brand owners, retailers, start-ups, scale-ups and producers through our FoodFlow Method.

For over 25 years, our team, led by Pascal Ruzius, Arjen van der Wijk, and Stijn de Bats, has pioneered innovative solutions, having helped numerous clients to successfully develop, launch and upscale their (outsourced) production.

This is what we stand for:

We are an innovative team of industry experts, deploying our 75 years plus experience to deliver our client with the best solutions. Having an extensive network with personal entrance, our Multidisciplinary team provides the comfort of a one-stop-shop! 


Our Core Values: Personal, Sustainable, Independent

At Cibus Nexum, our ethos is shaped by values that drive every facet of our operations:

  • Personal Touch:
    We believe in creating meaningful, personalized connections. Every client is unique, and we dedicate ourselves to understanding and meeting your specific needs, ensuring a tailored experience that exceeds expectations.
  • Sustainable Practices:
    Our vision of sustainability encompasses environmental care and the creation of enduring processes and relationships. We're devoted to solutions that are ecologically sound and operationally sustainable, fostering long-term efficiency and strong partnerships.
  • Independent Spirit:
    As an independent center of expertise in food contract manufacturing, our autonomy is key. It's essential for maintaining trust and delivering unbiased, innovative solutions. Our independence empowers us to always act in the best interest of our clients and the industry. But our values are not just about what we stand for; they're also about how we work:

The FoodFlow Method

Discover the power of the FoodFlow Method - a revolutionary approach that transforms your food production. With this innovative method you optimize your processes, increase efficiency and achieve impressive results.


Brand / scaleup

Supply chain & briefing
Scout & Engage
Trials, Quality & Commercial
Source, produce & launch


Business Development
Expertise & Market research
Develop & Negotiate
Collaborate & Launch

Curious about how the FoodFlow Method can lead your company to success? Download our whitepaper and discover the method behind this groundbreaking concept.

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Our unique FoodFlow Method is the embodiment of our values and work ethic. It's a testament to our innovative approach, enhancing production from concept to market while aligning perfectly with your brand and market needs.

These values and methods are not mere words; they are the driving force behind Cibus Nexum. They guide our decisions, shape our strategies, and define our commitment to excellence in food production.

Join us in our vision to revolutionize food production, setting new industry standards. Ready to elevate your process? Contact Cibus Nexum and let's transform your food production journey.

Cibus Nexum: Where Innovation Meets Excellence in Food Production.

Stijn de Bats

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