Food Contract Manufacturers

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Bringing in new customers

Do you want to be discovered by start-ups and (medium) large food brand owners that want to outsource their production?

Are you looking for new customers and do you have limited capacity and market knowledge?

Register now for our FoodTribe database!

These are your benefits:
• Receive targeted quotation requests
• Develop a broader customer portfolio in Europe
• More efficient sales, higher turnover and better margins

Anonymous search

It can happen that you unexpectedly lose a customer. You want to optimize your production capacity as quickly as possible without publicizing it in the market.

We understand that better than anyone else; the lines must be full!

At that exact moment you need an independent & reliable partner with market knowledge who can conduct an anonymous search in the market for you.

Please contact Cibus Nexum for this!

Tender & Contract support

Many Food Contract Manufacturers are all too familiar with the dynamics of tenders, RFPs and RFQs, but are not always able to execute them with good results. This often has to do with limited capacity and knowledge.

Existing contracts are often imposed unilaterally. SLAs and KPIs are unclear or unrealistic. Open book calculations cause a continuous discussion.

Do you recognize these topics and do you need support? Cibus Nexum is happy to help you!

We make sure that you:

  • Will win more tenders
  • Draw up better contracts
  • Have more control over the relationship with your customer
Bread production
Baking production line

Margin improvement

You know better than anyone that there is always to improve your margin. For you and your customer. Margin improvement can be realized the fastest through
• Lower purchase prices
• A more efficient production process
• Optimizing logistics chains

Cibus Nexum has more than 50 years of experience in the international purchasing of raw materials, ingredients and packaging & services. Both upstream as well as downstream.

We also have extensive experience in improving production processes and supply chain optimization. Where necessary, we consult with our partners in this area.

Would you like to know more about what Cibus Nexum can do for you as a Food Contract Manufacturer?

Frequently Asked Questions

As connectors in the food industry, we make connections as a mediator between buyer and producer: we match supply and demand. The way we work is unique in Europe. Offering certainty, giving guarantees and securing knowledge with the ultimate goal: unburdening.

We do not only make connections, but we actually deliver. We connect company X with company Y and ensure that everything starts to flow. Cibus Nexum provides full support in this process: we ensure that the product is produced and placed on the shelves.

We think along and support at the following levels:

Brief: Independent advice in assessing the business case of a new customer

Search: Capabilities, Market, Techno, Capacities, off the shelf vs new (molds), upstream buying, Food Safety issues, Capex, Amortization, MOQ, MPQ, Suppliers & Buyers network, own CN database, exchanges, external database.

Match: Help with matching specifications, support with contract review and negotiation; QA, Food Safety issues, Capex, Amortization, Contract, Negotiations template.

Deliver: Implementation and project management

Sure, we are here to guide you through the process and match you with the right partners for your product(s). We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we do not sell ‘no’.

We enter into discussions with purchasing and R&D managers who themselves face challenges related to outsourcing and new product development (NPD). With us you are mainly presented with a choice, a customized package. At Cibus Nexum you can choose from various menus, or from parts thereof.

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