Food Brand Companies

Dear Innovation Manager, Product Developer, Marketeer and Buyer,

Do you have limited market knowledge and do you lack the capacity to search and find the most suitable Food Contract Manufacturer?

Do you want to change your current Producer or benchmark it?

Then you should bring in Cibus Nexum as your independent intermediary in the food industry.

What about co-manufacturing?

You might think, involving a third party may bring along additional risks and increase cost. Well, global trends and our experience show quite the opposite. Doing business with a good contract manufacturer brings following advantages:

  • Flexibility and agility to speed up time-to-market
  • Scalability to adapt to your growth
  • Access to their knowledge and research and development resources
  • Save on cost, resources and assets
  • Better budget control in the entire product life cycle.

Of course you might run into a lot of questions and perhaps not know where to start. Making the right preparations are needed to get the best out of a search for possible candidates.

No worries, we are here to help you!

Need for innovation

In the food industry, continuous innovation, product improvement, Time to Market and margin retention are absolute prerequisites to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. Preferably you do all this by yourself, at your own production location.

Outsourcing production

However, there are plenty of reasons and advantages to outsource production:

  • Lower cost
  • Higher quality
  • Better production capabilities

Our network contains your solution


Cibus Nexum has a vetted manufacturing network, secured knowledge and an always expanding set of tools to tackle every outsourcing project.



After we have found the most suitable Food Contract Manufacturer, we jointly proceed from your idea to a finished goods. We do this in the following way:

Waarom Cibus Nexum

Cibus Nexum

We experience that Brand owners, from start-ups to large companies, have to reinvent the wheel again and again. There is often no structural knowledge assurance, for example due to staff turnover and limited current market knowledge or an unclear outsourcing strategy.

That’s why Cibus Nexum – We are here to stay

Frequently asked Questions

What is Cibus Nexum

As connectors in the food industry, we make connections as a mediator between buyer and producer: we match supply and demand. The way we work is unique in Europe. Offering certainty, giving guarantees and securing knowledge with the ultimate goal: unburdening.

What else does Cibus Nexum do?

We do not only make connections, but we actually deliver. We connect company X with company Y and ensure that everything starts to flow. Cibus Nexum provides full support in this process: we ensure that the product is produced and placed on the shelves.

Will Cibus Nexum help me in the search for a suitable partner?
To what extent does Cibus Nexum support my organization?

We think along and support at the following levels:

Brief: Independent advice in assessing the business case of a new customer

Search: Capabilities, Market, Techno, Capacities, off the shelf vs new (molds), upstream buying, Food Safety issues, Capex, Amortization, MOQ, MPQ, Suppliers & Buyers network, own CN database, exchanges, external database.

Match: Help with matching specifications, support with contract review and negotiation; QA, Food Safety issues, Capex, Amortization, Contract, Negotiations template.

Deliver: Implementation and project management

What can Cibus Nexum offer me in concrete terms?

With us you are mainly presented with a choice, a customized package. At Cibus Nexum you can choose from various menus, or from parts thereof.

Does Cibus Nexum offer support in Private Label or branded products?

In most cases branded products are the subject of outsourcing or external manufacturing. Such products are often produced by manufacturers (3PM) who are also producing PL products, for instance for retail customers. The Cibus Nexum team uses their knowledge for both PL and branded.