Cibus Nexum connects the food industry

For a product innovation or renovation, a brand needs the right knowledge, time and sufficient staff. And that is often lacking. More and more companies are therefore outsourcing their projects. Cibus Nexum connects brands and food manufacturers.

Bring together ten people with a few centuries of international experience in the field of purchasing, food and packaging and you get Cibus Nexum: dealmaker in food contract manufacturing. 

productielijnen voeding

In 2021 they started connecting brands with producers. “We assist companies in the food industry that want to have their brand developed and produced externally.

These can be large, established companies as well as startups,” says managing partner Pascal Ruzius. ‘We see at large companies that a lot of knowledge and networks are lost when employees leave. Structural knowledge assurance, relevant market insights and an outsourcing strategy are often limited or lacking. In addition, some companies simply do not have the staffing capacity to do projects themselves.”