Alliance Mass Customisation in Food Manufacturing

TOP B.V. and Cibus Nexum, both from the Food Valley region in The Netherlands, have entered into a strategic alliance to optimise their services portfolio.

Food manufacturing is becoming market/consumer-driven instead of manufacturing-led while incorporating flexibility and customization. Consumers prefer customised and localised products.

Strategic alliance
The once prevalent high volume, low mix model of manufacturing, which involved mass production, low unit cost model, is being replaced by solutions designed for high product mix with lower volumes. Food developers and manufacturers are challenged to produce customised batch sizes for their clients.

TOP is active in the development, innovation, engineering, and implementation of projects in food development and food processing worldwide. TOP serves clients, varying from starters to large multinationals, with New Product Development, ingredients knowledge and design, engineering, and implementation of turnkey manufacturing plants. The innovation portfolio of TOP includes, among others, plant proteins, meat replacement, vegan, shelf life extension, non-dairy dairy products, and alternative technologies such as PEF and RF technology.

Cibus Nexum has extensive expertise in contract manufacturing in the food industry. With their knowledge of the entire food supply chain, they provide tailored services to brands and manufacturers. Cibus Nexum provides End-to-End project management services and unburdens its clients to establish the best possible co-manufacturing setup.

The strategic alliance enables TOP to include co-manufacturing services to its clients who are starters or new entrants and lack the capital and know-how to establish their manufacturing plant. Similarly, Cibus Nexum can now serve its clients with product development services. Cibus Nexum can also serve clients with manufacturing facilities with technical upgrading services to make the facility suitable for mass customisation.